For mothers and babies at the age of 3 to 10 months

Gift yourself and your baby a lovely time together with playful interactions, and strengthen your bond at the same time. Baby yoga can help improve digestion and sleep, as well as finding a balance between activity and relaxation.

As a mother, you have the chance here to regain strength after the birth and to strengthen your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor with very gentle exercises. Connect with other moms and feel safe in our small community with many relaxation exercises.

This 5-Week Mama-Baby-Yoga Course is held in English and welcomes mums-to-be of all nationalities.

  • Kosten: The course over five sessions costs 70€.
  • Verantwortlich: Katrin Baumgarten, certified yoga teacher for prenatal, baby and hatha yoga
  • Ort: Standort Dresden-Neustadt - 1. OG - Bautzner Straße 52 - 01099 Dresden

Book directly with Katrin Baumgarten
0176-87951457 or


  • Wednesdays 15:30-17:00