For pregnant women after 12 weeks and up to term

Nurture, prepare and unwind.

Yoga benefits circulation, helps against stiffness and prepares the body for labour. In the safe space of the yoga class, you will have the opportunity to relate to your baby, move through the challenges of pregnancy with yoga postures and use different breathing techniques, to find ease and calm.
Each week will have a different focus point in preparation for a positive labour experience and motherhood. And at the en class, you will have the opportunity to connect to other mums-to-be over a cup of herbal tea.

This 5-Week Pregnancy Yoga Course is held in English and welcomes mums-to-be of all nationalities.

  • Kosten: The course over five sessions costs 70€.
  • Verantwortlich: Katrin Baumgarten, certified yoga teacher for prenatal, baby and hatha yoga
  • Ort: KALEB-Zentrum - Bautzner Straße 52, 01099 Dresden

Book directly with Katrin Baumgarten
0176-87951457 or


  • Wednesdays 17:30 - 19:00
    Start: 5th of April 2023
    Start: 10th of May 2023